My name is Nikki Rae and I run my own Google Analytics Consultancy, Future Insight Analytics based in Lewes, near Brighton in the UK.

I studied Computer Science with Management Studies (BSc), then Technology and Innovation Management (MSc) at the University of Sussex. I soon found myself in the world of digital marketing, with a particular focus on SEO and search marketing which I loved very much.  However, I soon became frustrated when I realised that often times the philosophy was to deliver more and more traffic to a website, rather than better, higher converting traffic.  I needed to prove my point and found a simple (as it was then!) tool named Google Analytics which would help me to show that better traffic increases revenue rather than more traffic.

My interest in how well this tool proved the worth of our SEO campaigns led me to study more and more about Google Analytics and apply new techniques to squeeze even more information from it.  These days GA continues to excite me with its new reports and means to delve and manipulate data to find great insights that deliver more revenue for web businesses.

I have been lucky to work on many exciting accounts from small businesses through to large corporations from my time in other agencies, as a consultant and also through my own business.

I love to teach people how to get more from Google Analytics, and all delegates are always buzzing after a course, full of excitement about what they can now achieve for their own businesses or their employers.

I am a member of the Digital Analytics Association and a qualified Google Analytics Professional.

I love to speak at conferences as it gives me the opportunity to share what I know to a wider audience.

Call me, Nikki Rae today on 01273 480 301 to discuss your needs.