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Nikki Rae We deliver Universal Analytics training crafted to your organsations requirements and employees needs. We employ top Google Analytics practitioners to deliver our courses at your own premises. The joy of bespoke training is the free additional consultancy that … Continue reading

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Below are the details of a previous Google Analytics Workshop presented by Nikki Rae, Simon Nixon and Jason Buck.  We delivered this workshop as a mix of GA learnings and User Design Experience to show how visitors behave on their … Continue reading

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Quite simply, what is the difference between Unique and New Visitors in Google Analytics? I trawled the Web for ages to find a good example of how to explain this. Ultimately, I decided it was best explained as a flowchart. … Continue reading

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Image via CrunchBase The two main url builder tools that I am aware of are: 1. Google Analytics URL Builder 2. Justin Cutroni Link Tagging Tool What’s great about these Google Analytics tools is that they are simple, yet effective. … Continue reading

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There is nothing more frustrating than trying to work out which page of a site is the one  actually referring to yours.  Google Analytics tells us the name of the domain, but not the exact referring URL.  There is a … Continue reading

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Want to make your own?

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Went to a Women In Media event hosted by Wired Sussex. The subject was ‘networking’ and this session was presented by Jenni Lloyd from Nixon McInnes – Social Media Experts in Brighton. I enjoyed the relaxed vibe of the event … Continue reading

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Image via Wikipedia Aaaah, nothing better than Googling one’s own name – a shameful, hidden pleasure. But this time, I have done it to investigate my ‘attributes’ and ‘personality’ as profiled by Google’s Wonder Wheel – my Google CV.  What … Continue reading

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Introducing the P.A.N.I.C. Model of Search Behaviour,  almost named, N.I.C.A.P. (to be pronounced, ‘knee cap’, but as is cyclical I think P.A.N.I.C. works far better! Here’s the theory. 1. Searcher has a ‘notion’ about something they want to search (internal … Continue reading

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Every now and again I will be running tests on this blog (in fact, probably most of the time!).  This week I am testing the Kampyle feedback form.  I would really appreciate you all ‘pushing my button’ so I can … Continue reading

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