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  • Nikki Rae in a SwimWear Thong – Google’s Wonder Wheel CV

    Date: 2010.02.01 | Category: Giggles & Grumbles | Response: 6

    Google in 1998, showing the original logo
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    Aaaah, nothing better than Googling one’s own name – a shameful, hidden pleasure. But this time, I have done it to investigate my ‘attributes’ and ‘personality’ as profiled by Google’s Wonder Wheel – my Google CV.  What is perceived as connected to my name as a topic?

    Firstly, I perform a general web search for ‘nikki rae’ and are returned these results:

    Nikki Rae in a Thong

    According to Google Wonder Wheel, my Google CV can contain the following:

    • Conversion  Specialist – (Got this one right)
    • Calculator Specialist – (Casio is my middle name)
    • Rates Specialist – (Currently, 0.625300 dollars to the pound)
    • Prices Specialist – (What is that?)
    • Sales Specialist – (Yeh, ice to eskimos an’ all that)

    and here follows the process…..

    Have a go and let me know your Google CV!

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  • Google Analytics Training Cheat Sheet

    Date: 2010.01.19 | Category: General Web Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Analytics Hacks | Response: 0

    Here is a fabulous Google Analytics Cheat Sheet created by Ian Lurie of Conversation Marketing as a response to this post at SEOMoz.
    Google Analytics Cheat Sheet

    Google Analytics Cheat Sheet

    Apart from the fact that it is full of great hints, tips and pointers it also links to one of my very own hacks that can originally be found here and which I will host on this blog as soon as I can find a moment!!
    Thanks Ian!!
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