Google Analytics Notations (or Notes as you may prefer)

Google Analytics have publicly announced ‘Google Analytics Notations’. Quite simply, this is the ability to add notes to graphs within your Google Analytics Interface and it is simple genius.
I have struggled for soooo long to try and get GA users (clients and administrators) to keep a record of changes so that any unusual behaviours can be cross-referenced for an explanation and managing this task is not easy and has not always been successful.

Now, Google Analytics have kindly, with a click of a button, given us the facility to add it straight into the system which is saving so much time and confusion and here is the button….

which opens up into this…

Really easy, huh?

You can * them for easy finding, share them or keep them privately all to yourself – it’s up to you.

4 Responses to Google Analytics Notations (or Notes as you may prefer)

  1. Nikki Rae says:

    Google Analytics Notations (or Notes as you may prefer)

  2. rishil says:

    I just annotations yesterday, and I look at GA quite often. I must admit, I absolutely love them.

    I now dont need a secondary record of noting when stuff goes wrong…

  3. admin says:

    Cheers for the comment Rishi and yes, it is such a relief to have them.

    Nikki Rae

  4. Google Analytics Notations – or Notes – New feature: see explanation on this blog:

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